Club Penguin Cheats

List of Club Penguin Cheats, Glitches, & Secrets.

Aqua Grabber with your Pink Puffle

  1. Take your pink puffle for a walk
  2. Go to the Ice Berg
  3. Play “Aqua Grabber”

Your pink puffle will be playing Aqua Grabber with you.

Blank Bubble

  1. Click your chat bar
  2. Press space on your keyboard
  3. Press Enter

Your bubble should be blank.

Dancing Puffle

  1. Take your puffle for a walk
  2. Press “D”

Your puffle should be dancing.

Hidden Emoticons

  • EP – Shows blue puffle
  • EI – Shows Igloo
  • EH- Shows a heart
  • EF – Shows a Flower
  • ED – Shows Sun
  • EZ – Shows Slice of Pizza
  • EL – Shows 4 leaf clover
  • EC – Shows a cup of coffee
  • EM – Shows a coin
  • EG _ Shows a game controller
  • EN – Shows a Star and Moon
  • ET – Shows Music note and makes noise
  • EW – Shows Chocolate Icecream Cone
  • EQ – Shows Strawberry Icecream Cone
  • E1 – Shows laughing face
  • E2 – Shows smiling face
  • E3 – Shows straight face
  • E4 – Shows frowning face
  • E5 – Shows surprised face
  • E6 – Shows face sticking out tongue
  • E7 – Shows winking face
  • E8 – Shows sick face
  • E9 – Shows angry face
  • E0 – Shows a sad face

How to find the rainbow friendship bracelet

  1. Go to the coffee shop.
  2. Go upstairs to the book room.
  3. Go to the bookcase.
  4. Open the book “Rockhopper and the Stowaway”.
  5. Flip all the way to the very last page.
  6. You should be able to press the friendship bracelet to add it to your inventory.

Click here for a video tutorial.

How to find Rockhopper’s Key

  1. Go to the coffee shop
  2. Go upstairs to the book room
  3. Go to the bookcase
  4. Open up the book called “Rockhopper’s Journal”
  5. Go to the very last page
  6. Click the key

Click here for a video tutorial.

How to have more than 100 buddies

  1. You must have less than 100 buddies (95-99 is good)
  2. Start adding as many penguins as you can

If the majority of them accept, you should have more than 100 buddies.

Jetpack Adventure

If you can beat Jetpack Adventure without getting a single coin, you will get 1000 coins in the end.

Low Definition

  1. Go anywhere on the map
  2. Press +/= on your keyboard

No Name Puffle

  1. Buy a puffle at the puffle shop
  2. Press the space bar a few times
  3. Click next

Secret Passage to Boiler Room

  1. Go to the Night Club
  2. Hover over the speaker on the right(Beside the DJ Table)
  3. Click on the speaker

You should be in the Boiler Room.

Secret Passage to Pool/Cave

  1. Go to the Plaza
  2. Go through the sewer in front of the Pet Shop.

Sit Forward

  1. Make sure your penguin is facing forward
  2. Press “S” on your keyboard

Surf with your Red Puffle

  1. Take your red puffle for a walk
  2. Go to the Cove
  3. Play Catchin’ Waves

You should be surfing with your puffle

Throw Snowballs Very Fast

  1. Go anywhere on the map
  2. Repeatedly press T and click very fast
  3. Keep pressing

You should be throwing snowballs very fast.

Walk on Pathways

  1. Click on a pathway
  2. When you walking, click on the “Penguin Mail” icon.
  3. Close “Penguin Mail” when you think you’ve finished walking.

Click here for a video tutorial.

You should be in the pathway you have chosen.


5 responses

12 07 2008
Cp Lover

Your site is one of my favorite club penguin sites.

Mike8498: Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

12 07 2008

Thanks Mike for all the cheats and glitches! The sitting forward one is cool

12 07 2008
Vavad (Offline)

cool you have lots of good cheats

12 07 2008
Vavad (Offline)

you are awesome Mike. 8)

28 08 2008

cool! I like this page! this one and watex’s site are my favorite ones lol!
Keep up the good work Mike!

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