September 08′ Clothing & Big Wigs Catalog: Secrets

5 09 2008

Hey Penguins!

A new clothing & wig catalog came out today.

Clothing Catalog Secrets(3):

Click on the yellow puffle to get the “Red Viking Helmet”, open and close it four times for blue.

To get the “mixed bracelets”, click on the yellow penguin’s beak.

For the “jade necklace”, click on the strings of the acroustic guitar.

Clothing Catalog Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0

Wig Catalog Secrets(1):

For the “spikette”, click on the “spikester”.

Wig Catalog Overall Rating: 3.0/5.0


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1 Million Dollar Glitch Fixed!

1 09 2008

Club Penguin has fixed the coin glitch, if you try using it, it will kick you from the server, I’m not sure if you will get banned. Most penguins didn’t get banned because it was a glitch. Some penguins got their coins removed, I didn’t.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.


How to get 1 million coins on Club Penguin

31 08 2008

Hey Penguins!

I found this cool glitch on mike92‘s blog, I highly doubt you will get banned from it because it is a glitch and you did not use a program to do it.

So here it is:

  1. Log into Club Penguin on a SAFE CHAT SERVER.
  2. Go to the Night Club and walk to the DJ3K Game.
  3. When you see the message pop up asking you if you want to play, press the tab button on your keyboard.
  4. You will see a yellow box around the newspaper icon, keep clicking tab until the yellow box is around your igloo icon.
  5. When the yellow box is around your igloo icon, click enter on your keyboard.
  6. You should be in your igloo with the message still there, click yes.
  7. You should now be in the game, now, keep pressing the tab button again until the yellow box is around the “X” in the top right corner.
  8. Now hold down on enter and watch your coins keep pouring in!

Here is a video tutorial by Mike92 if you did not get it:

Note: I am not responable if you get banned, but I highly doubt you will. You may only go up to 1,000,000 coins.

I’m pretty sure this glitch will be gone in no time as more people get to know about it, so get your money fast.



New Pin, Furniture Catalog Secrets

29 08 2008

Hey Penguins!

The new pin is a newspaper pin, celebrating Club Penguin’s 150th newspaper! It is located at the Boiler room.

Here are the secrets for the furniture catalog.

To get the blender, click on the lava lamp.

Click on the piano for the guitar stand.

That is all the cheats in this catalog.

Mike8498’s Rating: 7.0/10


Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Sneak Peeks

27 08 2008

Hey Guys! It’s Vavad again, I just wanted to say that I have found four sneak peeks of the Fall Furniture Catalog! You will be able to get the furniture items Friday. Tell me what you think they are. This is the first one. I am not quite sure what this is. What do you think?

I am certain that the second one is the Coffee Shop Couch.

I’m pretty sure that this one is either an oven or a coffee maker.

The last one looks like a fireplace.

It looks like they are returning the coffee shop items. If they are they might bring back the Coffee Bean Bag. I can’t wait for the Furniture Catalog coming Friday!


Club Penguin DS Game Coming Soon!

27 08 2008

Hey Guys! It’s Vavad and I am posting for Mike because he is away.

Club Penguin has made an exact time of the release date for the Nintendo DS game it is November 4th 2008! Watex has made a countdown that says the exact amount of minutes until the release of the DS game. Click here to go to the countdown. Click here to go to his site. I won’t be getting it because I don’t have a DS. Will you get it?

If you can’t wait to get it, order it before it is released so that you get it the first day they release it.


Penguin Games 08′

22 08 2008

Update: (By Vavad) I am updating while Mike is gone and so far I have seen a lot of people advertising in their comments. If you advertise in your comment, your comment will be marked as spam.

Hey Penguins!

The Penguin Games are based on the medal at the top right corner of your screen.

To be able to get the gold medal, you must complete the three events.

  1. The Marathon: Located at the Ski Village
  2. The Three Lap Race: Located at the Ice Berg
  3. The Freestyle Swim: Located at the Cave/Pool.

To complete the marathon, you must first go to the Ski Village, stand at the start line for 3 seconds and then walk your way down the path, but be sure to stop at each light during the marathon until they light up.

To complete the Three Lap Race, you must run around the Ice Berg stopping at each light, just like the marathon. Make sure each light is lit up.

To complete the Freestyle Swim, you must go back and forth through the pool about six times.

After you completed all the events, you should be able to get a gold medal. There are also two other free items. Blue face paint, and red face paint.

Blue team fans can find the blue face paint at the Pizza Parlor.

Red team fans can find the red face paint at the Coffee Shop.

Member penguins are allowed to access a special room. To get to it, go to the Snow Forts then the Soccer Pitch. For those that don’t have access to it, here is how it looks.

Mike8498’s Party Rating: 6/10

I think there should be more events and some more free items.