Hey Penguins!

Have you ever wanted to ask me something but it couldn’t fit anywhere else on the site? All you have to do is ask your questions below. You can ask more than one question, I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Here are some rules that must be followed when asking a question:

  • Please do not put a link to your site in the comment, put it in the site box.
  • Please do not use offensive language and such.
  • Please make sure your question has not been asked.

Do not hesitate to ask a question.

Below, I will display the questions I most liked:


14 responses

3 07 2008

Yo Mike can you add me to your blogroll?? I have 7700 something hits.


Mike8498: Sure! But please add me to your blogroll first, than I will definately add you.

4 07 2008
Just Doodie

Hi How Do I Change The Header Text To Other Example:Arial, Arial Black??

How do i put pictures on the sidebar?

Mike8498: I don’t think you can change the header text for the Silver is the new Black theme, and to get pictures on your side bar, go to, make an account, upload the picture you want, and press save & continue. And then, you will see the picture you uploaded after you press save & continue then copy the link that says “HTML”. And, make a text widget, put the code in. Sorry if this is a little confusing, but if you need more help, ask!

12 07 2008

where can I find the black mask? I really want it!

Mike8498: You can’t until it is released again someday

25 07 2008

Hey Mike! Can you add me to your blogroll? I have you on my blogroll and 1300 something hits.

Mike8498: Sure! But if I ever remove you, it’s because the requirements have changed and you don’t have them. I will notify you if I ever remove you. 😉

26 07 2008

Do you have like a prefered server where you go the most?

Mike8498: Yes. I go to North Pole and Frozen.

Marinekallo aka Balluup: I Go To Frozen and Fjord! Lol.

10 08 2008

how old is your peng

Mike8498: 344 days old as of August 10th

10 08 2008

hey mike can i be on ur blogroll i have 2014 views well cyA

Mike8498: What is your URL?

10 08 2008

What would be your favourite thing about doing a blog?

Weird question, I know, but I’m curious (and weird)

Mike8498: I like to blog because I like to write and so I can keep updated with Club Penguin.

24 08 2008

Hey mike wanna be buddies when will we meet and where?

Mike8498: Sure! You can see me on Frozen. I usually will hang out at the Dock. But I don’t go on Club Penguin very much.

24 08 2008

do you play star wars battlefront one?if you do my name is Nerd151

Mike8498: No I don’t, sorry.

28 08 2008

hmmmm it’s more than 1 question rofl
How many times have you seen Rockhopper (have you)?
What’s your oldest pin ever?
Do u like Guns n Roses? lol

Mike8498: I’ve seen Rockhopper about 5 times, my oldest pin is the baseball, no I don’t like Guns n Roses, not my kind of music. 😀

29 08 2008

Are you still doing DMR?

Mike8498: No.

30 08 2008

Hey Mike, can I be on your blogroll? I have 13,000 something hits and I’ll add you when you add me.

Mike8498: Yes, if you don’t add me in the next 24 hours, you will be removed.

4 09 2008

will u add me on ur blogroll plz ? i need hits 2500 hits isnt the best but its something but if u could will u add me cause ur on mine…

Mike8498: You can not go on my blogroll without the requirements, sorry.

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