New Site name?

19 09 2008

I have took the CSS off this blog and I want to put it on another? I want to make another real life blog. With the name “David” in it, or something else. By the way, my real name is not mike, it’s basically david. My middle name is Mike, well Mike is short for Michael, so yeah.

Any name ideas?





7 responses

19 09 2008

oh so you are the david guy… lol. I didn’t know who that was on msn so I blocked you, sorry. I dont really know what you should make the name of the blog. and you can put the CSS on another site?

Mike8498: I contacted wordpress, to give me back the credits, so I can purchase it on another blog and they did.

20 09 2008

any ideas,eh? well,um,uh,god,uarhgg,um,how ’bout

Mike8498: Thanks for the idea! 😀

20 09 2008

oh,i foregot 2 tell ya if your buddy list is full… i wanna be your bud!!!!!

Mike8498: I am a non-member now sadly, if you still want to be my bud, tell me when you want to meet me

21 09 2008

do u still play CP??? I only do sometimes, but I’m usually on Maple Story. Whats your email?? I need to add you.


21 09 2008

actually, you add me

21 09 2008

Micheal Phelps! xD!

Mike8498: lol, the swimmer?

22 09 2008

my dads nick name is mike and I really got no clue why

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