Penguin Games 08′

22 08 2008

Update: (By Vavad) I am updating while Mike is gone and so far I have seen a lot of people advertising in their comments. If you advertise in your comment, your comment will be marked as spam.

Hey Penguins!

The Penguin Games are based on the medal at the top right corner of your screen.

To be able to get the gold medal, you must complete the three events.

  1. The Marathon: Located at the Ski Village
  2. The Three Lap Race: Located at the Ice Berg
  3. The Freestyle Swim: Located at the Cave/Pool.

To complete the marathon, you must first go to the Ski Village, stand at the start line for 3 seconds and then walk your way down the path, but be sure to stop at each light during the marathon until they light up.

To complete the Three Lap Race, you must run around the Ice Berg stopping at each light, just like the marathon. Make sure each light is lit up.

To complete the Freestyle Swim, you must go back and forth through the pool about six times.

After you completed all the events, you should be able to get a gold medal. There are also two other free items. Blue face paint, and red face paint.

Blue team fans can find the blue face paint at the Pizza Parlor.

Red team fans can find the red face paint at the Coffee Shop.

Member penguins are allowed to access a special room. To get to it, go to the Snow Forts then the Soccer Pitch. For those that don’t have access to it, here is how it looks.

Mike8498’s Party Rating: 6/10

I think there should be more events and some more free items.





5 responses

22 08 2008

dude can I borrow this pictures?

Mike8498: Sure, if you give me credit with a link to my blog.

22 08 2008

Cool site dude!

22 08 2008

Thanks mike8498! Say umm where is the header I have put on the header shop? Do you know anyone that can give me a free membersip?

Vavad’s Comment: Sorry that it is taking awhile to get your header done. I am really busy, so please be patient. Also, for your other question, there is some people that have free membership contest like cabluey (

22 08 2008

Thanks dude! Say umm. where is the header that I posted in the header shop? And do you know anyone that can give me a free membership?

23 08 2008

i agree

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