Igloo Upgrades, Snow & Sport Catalog, New Pin!

15 08 2008

Hey Penguins!

There are a lot of updates of new updates on Club Penguin today, here are the current updates going on in Club Penguin:

Snow & Sports secrets:

Click on the right “blue pom pom” to get the “orange football helmet”.

Click on the green penguin holding the flame surfboard(It should turn into a flower board), then click on the star shell, then the remaining grey shell to get the “Siver Surfboard”.

Igloo Upgrade catalog:

There are two igloos, a ship igloo and the old Gym igloo!

Igloo Upgrades catalog secrets:

Click on the crowbar for the “Secret Stone Igloo”

Click on the door of the “Deluxe Snow Igloo” to get the “Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo”.


You can find the new pin at the stage.


Also I’ve moved servers from North Pole, I just don’t like it much there anymore, but I had a great birthday party! I’ve now moved to the “Frozen” server. If any friends would like to see me, try going to “Frozen”. Why I’m moving from North Pole?

North Pole is really boring, and has to much bullying going on, I can’t stand it! It would be pretty amazing if I saw some friends there! I know I’ll see Vavad stop by:P. I just want to make friends with different people. I will try not to delete my buddies.




8 responses

15 08 2008

I’m so happy the old Gym igloo came back, I always wanted it, even when I was a non member back then. The igloo also looks very cool!

15 08 2008

XD you sure will see me. lol

19 08 2008

If you have a slow computer you will lag the death at Frozen.

19 08 2008

I have the full server glitch on my blog so you can go to Frozen even if it’s full using that glitch.

My first and main server is Yukon.

Mike8498: Yes, I know the glitch.

19 08 2008

Great Website! Its Awsome! Thanks for the comment at my website! Your Great!


19 08 2008

Cool blog!

20 08 2008

Dude, i cant work for you later on.. im quitting, i might just blog about something else then clubpenguin..

Mike8498: That’s cool, I took you off my blog, thanks for helping out.

20 08 2008

Can You Join My forum here it is http://clubpenguinhqforum.forumotion.net/ Please?

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