Header Contest Winner

2 08 2008

Hey Penguins!

For those of you that entered the header contest, I’ve have decided who the winner is. I have decided that Vavad deserves to be the winner of my contest. He made two headers for it, they both looked really good. It was a tough choice, Johnathan Rox was in the top 3, darthpuckie and treatar12 were both tied. Don’t worry, I will be having more contests, one soon! So stay tuned, I have added Vavad to my header shop. He will now be making headers for those of you who want them. I am now constructing the header shop page. I’ve deleted all the recent orders that were not done, you can order them again from Vavad, sorry.





7 responses

3 08 2008

WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! Yay I won xD. Im sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

4 08 2008

hello im victorinocp
cool site
im new!!!!
i also have a site
( sorry if i am not allowed to advertise )
anyways this site is really coming together!!!!!

4 08 2008

Cool! Vavad is good at making headers.

4 08 2008

I sure am xD.

5 08 2008

hey i found this really cool awsome site!! you should check it out it’s awsome im on it like every day!!! It is http://www.clubpenguin-tipssecrets.blogspot.com it is a really cool site and at least one post is updated each day!!! You should check it out!!! O and by the way i love your site!!!

7 08 2008

Whoa -) Nice CSS Mike!

7 08 2008

How do you add pics to the widgets.

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