New Clothing Catalog & Pin

1 08 2008

Hey Penguins!

Club Penguin released a new pin today, find it at the Night Club under the green puffle.

Catalog Secrets

Click on the blue shirt inside the Glacier Suit for the Jade necklace.

Click on the hair on the supernova suit to get the red viking helmet, 4 times for blue.

Press the button on the pink guitar for the mixed bracelets.

Click the left top piece of the purple shield for the Woodsman Hat.

There are also two new backgrounds.


I think this catalog is okay, not what I expected… What do you think? Also, I will be announcing the winner of my header contest tomorrow. You still have time to enter it here. Also, as you can see, I’m adding a new page called “Beginners Guide”, no one will be able to see it because I have password protected the page, just be patient, I am still working on it.




7 responses

1 08 2008

I think the new catalog isn’t as good as I expected, the pin is pretty cool though.

1 08 2008

the orangy background is an old background.

1 08 2008

Nice post! M Favorite Item was the slip on checkerd vans! i wear thoughs in real life!

1 08 2008
~Chido Quique~

cool post dude

1 08 2008
Amanda Dlny

Hey cool Blog! Check out mine just type Amanda Dlny into google and Im at the top! Or just click on the link! Its updated regularly!

Amanda Dlny

1 08 2008

Hey Mike. Sorry that I haven’t been talk to u… I had a sleep over yesterday. I’ll go on msn soon, after I update…

1 08 2008

Hey dude, your site’s really coming along well. Yeah, I really hated the new catalog, CP is getting crappier. Ima probably gonna quit. Good site

Mike8498: Please don’t quit 😦

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