Club Penguin Band Found Backstage!

29 07 2008

As you may have seen, the penguin Band is no longer playing at the Ice Berg. Instead they are going on more popular servers, Backstage. If you find them they will give you a free background! This is what it looks like:

The autographed background is only for members, since the Penguin Band can only be found at the Backstage. When you click the box on their player card, they will give you the Band background. Here are the pictures of the Penguin Band player cards. Thanks to Albammbob for helping me find the Penguin Band.

G Billy:

Stompin’ Bob:

Petey K:


Here are some tips in finding them if you are have trouble:

  • Look for them in the Backstage. That is the only place they are in.
  • Check in the servers with more people (with more bar). They are usually in those servers.
  • The band will always be in the same server, so if you find one, look for the others in the same room.
  • Only check for them if you are a member. Non-members cannot get the Background.

Last Seen: Breeze, Backstage





2 responses

31 07 2008

Great post Vavad, thanks for covering for me. 🙂

No Problem Dude xD.

2 08 2008

Thanks for the great advice ill use it:);)

Vavad’s Comment: Your Welcome

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