Header Contest

26 07 2008

Hey Penguins!

I will be having a header contest. I will be judging, and whoever makes the best header can win these prizes.

  • Added to my blogroll
  • Added to my buddy list
  • Work for me in my header shop(Making headers for people)

If you win, you get all three prizes. The header can be any size, and make it look good. 😉

Good luck to all of you who enter.

Use Imageshack,Photobucket, etc to submit your pics. And put the links in a comment below.

Deadline is August 3rd.





11 responses

26 07 2008

Cool! Heres Mine:

Mike8498: Very cool header!

26 07 2008

Hey Nice Website can i be on your blogroll i will put you on mine


Mike8498: Add me to yours, and then I will add you.

26 07 2008

Hey nice site man! Can I Help You by being a editor? [ dont worry editors cant delete your blog ] my email is rjlipsett16@hotmail.com

Mike8498: I guess so, only to like moderate comments and stuff. Can I have your msn or aim?

26 07 2008

sorry if it looks blurry on photobucket but it is the header on my site http://treatar12.wordpress.com/

26 07 2008
26 07 2008

Why not i am going to submit two ok:
My Fav:http://s341.photobucket.com/albums/o397/darthpuckie/?action=view&current=cpc.png
Here is another:

Ok thnx!

Mike8498: Very cool headers! Come back on August 3rd to see if you’ve won.

26 07 2008

– Jonathan Rox

27 07 2008

Hmmm the competition is good… I’ll enter my best header:

27 07 2008
New editor! « Mike8498’s Official Website

[…] remember to enter Mike8498’s header contest. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Idontbreak the New Author/Editor!L to the EGreen […]

27 07 2008
Will be gone for a bit « Mike8498’s Official Website

[…] And don’t forget to enter my header contest here. […]

2 08 2008

heres mine but im new so i know i will not win:


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