DJ Game Spoiler

22 07 2008

Site Update: The ~DMR~ page will be closing since ~DMR~ will no longer be making any more videos, comment please! 😀

Hey Penguins!

Ever since Club Penguin started, their has always been a DJ table in the night club. The plan always was to turn the DJ table into something more fun, something more interactive, but Club Penguin never really got around to it. It will be released on the 25th, and it will involve music. It will be Club Penguin’s first ever music game!

-Mike8498 | Comment!




5 responses

22 07 2008

Hey dude, nice post, keep it up. You’re doing really well. I might just quit CP, but maybe not. Ima think about it, but yeah, nice job.

Mike8498’s comment: Please don’t 😦 That’s the think I mostly don’t want you to quit.

22 07 2008

I really don’t want to either, but I will for sure quit DMR I think. I don’t wanna let you and Vavad down, but I really didn’t feel comfortable blogging and making videos. It’s not what CP is about, and I wanna have fun like I used to.

Good luck in blogging.

Mike8498’s Comment: It will probably be done, I’m just going to be working on videos by myself. I know Club Penguin is not about blogging but to me it’s enjoyable. Just don’t quit Club Penguin.

22 07 2008

I’m not sure…I really don’t wanna let you and Vavad down. Seriously, you guys find a new member and continue DMR. I don’t want DMR to end, because I know you didn’t want it to. Have fun, I’ll be fine. Just please continue DMR.

22 07 2008

Don’t close the DMR page! Continue with Vavad!

23 07 2008
Vavad (Offline)

Hey Mike, Im updating site cya bye!

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