Music Jam Sneak Peak!

19 07 2008

I just found a sneak peak of the Music Jam on the Club Penguin blog, here is a picture of what the forest will most likely look like:

There should be a couple free items at this party and It should be something to look forward to.

And some ~DMR~ news:

~DMR~ may be breaking up if Rifbif decides to quit videos. I have no idea why he wants to quit, but it is his decision, he also quit his blog. I feel like everything I start always comes to an end so I’m not quitting my blog. Keep visiting!





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19 07 2008

hi mike its 656rainbow! you know, you commented on my blog. Can you add me to your blogroll even though I dont have 800 hits? Im adding you to my blogroll.

Mike8498’s Comment: I’m sorry but if I add you to my blogroll, other penguins will get mad that I wouldn’t add them because they didn’t have the requirements. But if you ever need any help with your blog, you can add me as admin and I’ll help make it better. If you want to add me as admin, let me know.

19 07 2008

yo do you wanna just make it called MV productios or something?

Mike8498’s Comment: I’m not sure at the moment, I’ve been really busy lately with a lot. I’ll think about it though, by the way, get on MSN some more 😀

19 07 2008

ok i will

19 07 2008

Sorry that i left MSN without saying anything. it froze then shut off and i gtg to bed so cya tomorrow.


Mike8498’s Comment: That’s okay.

21 07 2008

I can’t wait for the party and the new game!

21 07 2008
Vavad (Offline)

Hey Mike! Check out my new vid on youtube. I am doing Put On for my next vid, so tell me if you want to be in it.


Mike8498’s Comment: I’d love to be in it, and by the way, good video! I’ve been thinking of making MV productions seeing how you make such good videos.

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