DJ Rayo quits ~DMR~, new member?

10 07 2008

Hey Penguins!

As we realeased a new video, DJ Rayo had a problem with not being in the video so he quit. We told him he was never online and we had no time. He lives like on the other side of the world so it’s different. He can’t get online much. So we are currently looking for a new member. We know many of you may be interested but please do not comment on this post say that you want to join ~DMR~. We will be deciding our self. Sorry if you had your hopes up:(. We are kind of sad right now since we don’t have DJ Rayo who would have been the main singer in the next video “In the Ayer” but he quit. Once again don’t comment on this post saying you want to be in ~DMR~ because you know the answer will probably “no”. Sorry. We are looking for possible people ourselves. Here is our latest ~DMR~ logo:


Comment but remember, no asking!




9 responses

9 07 2008

Its proberly someone thats name starts with a D. Lol

Mike8498’s Comment: Maybe… lol.

10 07 2008

Ya I’m Interested. and I can be on msn more than I am.

Mike8498 Comment: The group will still be called ~DMR~ though, you will have to be focused, work your hardest, and get on as much as possible. So are you ready?

10 07 2008

lolthis is like a cartoon when there are like “so, are you ready for your battle ahead?” haha I used to watch too much tv. anyways the answer is yes.

Mike8498’s Comment: LOL! You will be revealed soon! Don’t let anyone know yet.

10 07 2008

delete these comments. then NOONE will no. MUAHAHAA

11 07 2008

mike can i join DMR please?

11 07 2008
Vavad (Offline)

Didn’t you read the part where it says “No asking”??

18 07 2008

Cool Site!

21 07 2008
~Chido Quique~

cool site
wow i have a penguin with a d!
hope its mee!

2 08 2008

Thanks for the post

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