Features Ready to Launch

8 07 2008

Hey Penguins!

I just read on the CPIP blog that the new features are ready to launch later this week. They are now being finalized so they should come very soon.

Here are the new features that should be coming later this week:

  • New server selection (recommended servers and buddies easier to find
  • Igloo background!
  • Penguin Mail (sending and receiving postcards improved)
  • Player Card update (sorting items by category)





2 responses

8 07 2008

Hey dude, I got the banner ready for your DMR Chat page. Here’s a link to the picture, and if you ever need me to make you a banner for any other page, just tell me, because this one took me about 10 minutes:

Talk to ya later.


Mike8498’s Comment: Thank you, I got something else for you to make me, so I’ll talk to you on MSN or AIM.

9 07 2008


Can’t wait for our new vid, should be done soon đŸ˜›

Lolz nice site you got here, kinda cooler we’re solo; DMR’s doing great, I love that logo I made you:P


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