Player Card & Penguin Mail Updates & Poll

3 07 2008

As you know, Club Penguin is designing a new Player Card which will make it easier to find your clothes.

Here is the latest update:

All your clothes will be sorted by a category. There will also still be a clear outfit button. Club Penguin hopes to have the features launched in a couple weeks, so, stay tuned!

Also a new newspaper was released to day:

Check it out! Be sure to read page A4 which talks about Club Penguin Mail which should be released soon!


I also have a new poll for ~DMR~, your vote could help us choose which song we should use for DMR’s next video. For the poll: Click Here

Also Rifbif made a new ~DMR~ logo which I will post soon! Also please watch our latest video about the Fusion breakup. Here is the video:

Comments are appreciated!




One response

3 07 2008

I think use a part of the song Take you there by sean kingston

Mike8498: We’ll think about it!

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